Standard Products

Mach1 UHMPE Sheet Natural

Mach1 UHMPE sheet is the workhorse that sets the standard for general purpose engineered plastic applications. It combines super-low friction, excellent wear resistance, and high impact strength in a cost-effective sheet. Mach1 sheet retains key physical properties in sub-zero temperatures and is resistant to chemical attack.

Sani-Armor ECO HDPE Recycled Sheet

Part of our promise to you from day one has been to create sustainable, eco-friendly products that endure the test of time in harsh conditions and high-impact environments. We’re fulfilling that commitment with our Sani-Armor ECO Recycled HDPE sheet. Just as durable and versatile as the original Sani-Armor HDPE sheet, it’s manufactured from 100% land-filled and waste plastics, so you can keep costs down while reducing your environmental footprint.

Puck Board Sheets

Puck Board plastic sheet for all applications. Glossy finish that stays clean, and toughness to handle the harsh northern weather. Often referred to as HDPE sheet, Puck Board is a general purpose sheet that can be easily machined.

Densilite Sheet

Densilite is known as the ‘plastic plywood’. Its lightweight density, high resistance to water and chemicals, strength, durability and easy-to-clean surface make it excellent building material for products that endure high impact, moisture and everyday use. It also expands and contracts 25% less than HDPE.

Mach6 UHMPE Sheet Extreme OPS

Mach6 UHMPE Sheet is engineered for extreme sliding abrasion applications. Mimicking the abrasion resistance effect of ceramic, Mach6 is effective for high load, high speed and severe sliding abrasion applications. It retains the self-lubricating properties of UHMPE for a low-friction surface and is an excellent choice as a noise dampening wear plate. Mach6 reduces parts wear and machine maintenance downtime.