Sani-Armor ICE in a BOX

Sani-Armor Synthetic ICE

iPoly's Sani-Armor ICE is a modified high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin specifically engineered to mimic a natural ice. Inherent self-lubricating properties of this engineered synthetic resin provide a low-co-efficient of friction that allows ice skating blades to glide effortlessly without any surface moisture or additional lubrication required. Sani-Armor ICE resin is formulated to be chemical and UV resistant, while maintaining excellent impact strength.

Non-melting Synthetic Ice: 
Ice Time- Anytime!

Premium ice skating tiles with friction-induced locking system come pre-boxed with an installation guide. Our multi-directional panels provide maximum rink size versatility without any additional cutting.

  • Year-round fun
  • Guaranteed to improve your skill level
  • Great fun with friends
  • Easy One-Person Assembly
  • Self Lubricating — No Liquids Needed

Set it up anywhere: Basements, Driveway, Back yard, Garage, Community Space, etc.

  • Figure Skating
  • Hockey
  • Free Skating
  • Skill and Endurance Training
  • ICE time - Anytime!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, any type of ice skates work well on Sani-Armor ICE.

Sani-Armor Ice has been formulated to mimic real Canadian ice in terms of slip and feel. When on skates you will notice very little difference from a regular ice skating surface.

No liquids or oils are required! Sani-Armor ICE has been engineered with our trademarked AAF™ (Accelerated Anti-Friction) that provide the slip necessary for skate blades.

Scratches in the surface are normal and expected. Our trademarked AAF™ (Accelerated Anti-Friction) is through the entire thickness of the panel, therefore you will always continue to enjoy an excellent skating surface.

No; it is normal for the surface to be scratched. In fact, Sani-Armor ICE was engineered to work as good or even better with scratches! If you concerned about the looks, then it is possible to scrape the surface using a paint scraper or for large areas an ice scraper can be used.

No, Sani-Armor ICE has no abnormal effects on skate blades. Regular sharpening of skate blades is required just like on real ice.

It will last anywhere from 5 to 15 years depending on how much you use it. Keep in mind that you can flip all the panels over to double the life of your ICE! With proper care and use it will provide years of enjoyment and training.

Yes, Sani-Armor ICE can be used indoors as well as outdoors anytime of the year. It is designed to work in places where ice is not a possibility and therefore has been engineered to withstand all temperatures and weather conditions.

While some fading over time is normal, Sani-Armor ICE has been designed with UV protection to ensure longevity. This will allow the ice to retain its physical properties as well as its color.

The panels are manufactured with a friction fit puzzle piece design that interlocks securely. Full installation details are available on the Installation Guide.

Yes, Sani-Armor ICE can be cut to fit. Please follow the installation instructions to ensure you have maximized the panels.

Yes. The interlocking panels are designed to work either way. The panels can be easily separated and reinstalled “upside down”. This will double the service life of your skating surface!

A small ice surface of 10 feet x 20 feet can be installed in about one hour

There are a number of ways that it can be cleaned. Pressure washing is the easiest, however for indoor rink's or if you don't have a pressure washer this is not possible. To clean the Sani-Armor ICE, broom off any debris & dust.  Then take a pail of warm water with dish soap and mop surface. Use a towel or squeegee to dry the top surface.

Yes.  Sani-Armor ICE is designed to work all your muscles and increase your on-ice strength and agility. Using Sani-Armor ICE on a regular basis will increase your stamina, muscle conditioning, speed, and reflexes. Sani-Armor ICE is especially designed to increase lower body strength to give you an explosive advantage during the game.

Yes, it is often purchased for goalkeeper training. This allows for year-round training at home or any other facility.

Sani-Armor ICE is used for figure skating around the world. We recommend our Sani-Armor MAX tiles for figure skating applications as there are less connection seams.

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